Jeremy Corbyn Receives a Hero's Welcome at the Gala


The 132nd Durham Miners' Gala will be remembered for a long time, as a record crowd filled the streets of Durham city. On the racecourse, the largest crowd for generations – including thousands of young people – gathered in an incredible show of support for the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and heard from supportive Labour MPs and trade union leaders including Dennis Skinner and Frances O'Grady.

In a powerful speech, Corbyn said: "There’s no pressure on me. None whatsoever. The real pressure – real pressure – is when you don’t have enough money to feed your kids, when you don’t have a roof over your head, when you are wondering if you are going to be cared for."

The hero's welcome which Corbyn received in the Labour heartland of Durham exposed the lie peddled by hostile MPs and the media that somehow he "doesn't connect with traditional Labour voters." The truth is that finally in Jeremy Corbyn, traditional Labour supporters, trade unionists and young people have someone who will tirelessly champion their interests.