Miners support statue parade

Durham Miners Association
April 9, 2019
Hetton statue and banner group

The Durham Miners Association (DMA) and the Eppleton banner group will support
the unveiling of a new miners statue in Hetton.

The town’s last pit banner will be among several paraded through the town at the
ceremony on April 27.

The DMA, which celebrates its 150th year this year, has supported people’s cultural
and heritage initiatives throughout the county for decades.

The people of Hetton have raised thousands of pounds for a mining sculpture which
depicts a miner sending his son down the pit for the first time.

The fundraising began as through a registered charity set up four years ago. The
DMA was not involved in the project nor invited to be part of it.

Newly appointed DMA secretary Alan Mardghum said: “There have been a lot of
unnecessary tensions created due to the banner group and the DMA being largely
excluded from the decision-making processes surrounding the statue.

“Miners representatives have not been asked their opinion and recently there has
been a spate of disrespectful social media commentary about people who have
served their union and community selflessly over the years. The banner group and
former miners have raised thousands of pounds to support local culture and the
Durham miners Gala.

“That vicious commentary must stop immediately and those who have been the
target should have a right to an apology.

“The DMA and the Eppleton banner group will be at the unveiling and will march
proudly alongside the people of Hetton to commemorate their great efforts in
raising the funds for this important project.”

Mr Mardghum also called for CfH to join the DMA in the call for a stop to the social media tirade against former miners
in the banner group. Further liaison between CfH and the banner group should take
place through the DMA local representatives.

“Nobody deserves the disrespectful comments or treatment our members have
been subjected to. Despite this we will fully support our community to celebrate
the new statue,” said Mr Mardghum.