Durham Miners join demonstration to demand inquiry into Orgreave


Pictured left to right: Barry Chambers, Lawrence Claughan, Alan Cummings, George Robson 

Yesterday, members of the Durham Miners' Association executive committee joined ex-miners from across the UK, senior Labour MPs and trade unionists on a lively demonstration to demand an inquiry into the events at Orgreave in 1984.

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Farewell to John Cummings


Durham miners paid tribute to John Cummings MP who died yesterday after a long fight against cancer.

John represented Easington from 1987 until 2010.

He was elected with one of the highest majorities of 24,639 and went on to serve the constituency through some of its most turbulent times.

John was an NUM-sponsored MP and was well known for always being available to help union members and the people of Easington.

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Dave Hopper Will Be Universally Missed


This year, the sudden and untimely death of Dave Hopper, our general secretary for 31 years, was a huge and tragic shock. 

His contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of the Durham miners was enormous and he will be universally missed. The 800 mourners at his funeral are manifest testimony to how he was respected and revered throughout Durham and the wider trade union and labour movement. 

Whatever the difficulties may be, we can assure you that we will continue his work defending our members. 

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DWP Acting with Dickensian Brutality Toward Injured Miners



Alan Cummings, Durham Miners' Association

The spirit of Scrooge lives on in the corridors of power as injured miners are refused vital benefit payments.

Two former Wearmouth miners - made paraplegic in an underground accident - have been forced them to reapply for their entitlement by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) .

The Durham Miners Association (DMA) is also fighting the case of a 56-year-old miner who recently died of the lung disease pneumoconiosis. The DWP refused to accept his claim for compensation despite a medical consultant's opinion that he had the disease and a coroner's judgement that it contributed to his death.

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RIP Derek Graham


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Derek Graham who died of the miners’ disease, pneumoconiosis, on Saturday 10th December.

Derek or ‘Deka’, as he was known to his friends, started work at Bearpark colliery and later moved to Dawdon colliery before taking up employment in a private licensed mine just prior to the Miners Strike in 1984/85. 

At the beginning of the strike he refused to cross picket lines and withdrew his labour in support of his fellow miners in the nationalised industry who were fighting for their jobs and communities. For this Derek was sacked.

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Durham Miners Back McCluskey


The Durham Miners’ Association sends Len McCluskey its best wishes in his bid to be returned as General Secretary of UNITE.

Len has been a good friend and a staunch supporter of miners and their families over the past 40 years and has spoken at the Durham Miners’ Gala on many occasions.

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The Durham Miners’ Association: Orgreave Inquiry Statement



The decision of Home Secretary, Amber Rudd not to hold an inquiry into the criminal actions of the South Yorkshire Police and other police forces present at the Orgreave Coke Works on June 18 1984 is an appalling act of injustice.

She glibly asserts: ‘ultimately there were no deaths or wrongful convictions.’ 

Miners were lured to Orgreave that day and subjected to a continuous series of brutal attacks employing thousands of police, supported by mounted cavalry and vicious dogs, badly injuring over 50 men. The fact that no one was killed was purely a matter of chance. 

However, the fact that no one was wrongfully convicted was not a matter of chance, but, due to the robust and dedicated work of the lawyers engaged to defend the 95 miners who were charged with riot – a crime carrying a life sentence.

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“Buried Alive by the National Coal Board”


Last week across the country but particularly in Wales we have been thinking of Aberfan and the terrible events that unfolded there fifty years ago. The main emphasis has been on the tragedy of it all and the terribly sad loss of all those children and the implications for their families and friends. In all this, in a way that mirrored the event itself, the National Coal Board has got off rather lightly. Occasionally though  criticism has emerged. Midway through Karl Jenkins’ brilliant religious Cantata Memoria – for the children – Bryn Terfel sang: “Buried Alive by the National Coal Board”. Here he was echoing the words of the grieving father driven beyond limits by the coroner’s talk of “asphyxia and multiple injuries”  This was not what he wanted on the death certificate of his child, he wanted the NCB to be held responsible. Others agreed and there  were cries of “murderers” .

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Dave Hopper 1943 – 2016


Dave Hopper was born on April 8 1943, the first son of Timothy and Barbara, in a small colliery house directly opposite the gates of Wearmouth Colliery, Sunderland, where his father worked. His primary education was basic and, at a time when fewer than ten percent of Sunderland’s children were awarded a place at a grammar school, Dave spent a year in the local secondary modern before passing the entrance exam for Villiers Street Secondary Technical School. He was an able pupil, a keen footballer and was already honing that legendary acerbic wit that delighted his classmates and annoyed the teaching staff in equal measure. 

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A Thousand Mourners Say Goodbye to Davey Hopper


(Photo: PA)

On Friday 29th July, a thousand mourners attended the funeral service of Davey Hopper at the historic Miners’ Hall in Durham.

Numerous miners’ banners and trade union banners lined the route and moving tributes were paid to Davey by the speakers, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

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