The Most Spectacular Gala in Living Memory

On Saturday more than 200,000 people came together for the 133rd Durham Miners’ Gala in a spectacular celebration of our heritage and our values.
We would like to thank everyone who attended and a special thank you to all of the banner groups, bands, trade unions and community groups and our friends at Durham Cathedral for all their efforts this year.
More than 50,000 people gathered for the speeches on the racecourse - crowds which have not been seen since the Gala’s heyday in the 1950s. We would like to thank all our speakers for their excellent contributions.
Big Meeting day was tinged with some sadness as the absence of the late Davey Hopper was deeply felt. The two Daveys have left a remarkable legacy.
The Gala proved beyond a doubt that our movement is stronger and more united than ever. In Jeremy Corbyn we have a Labour leader who understands our socialist values and traditions and who has inspired a new generation to take up the fight for a better society.
Next year’s Gala will take place on Saturday, 14th July. We hope you can join us and please support the Big Meeting by becoming a Friend of the Gala today.
Alan Cummings, secretary
Joe Whitworth, chair
Durham Miners’ Association