What role will fossil fuels play in future energy? Debate

Public Debate organised by Durham Energy Institute & Durham Miners Association

Speakers/Panel Members

Barbara Vest, Director of Generation, Energy UK (Chair)
David Hopper, General Secretary, Durham Miners Association
Professor Andy Aplin, Professor of Unconventional Petroleum, Durham University
Professor Paul Younger, Professor of Energy Engineering, Glasgow University
Alan Cummings, President, Durham Miners Association
Professor Alan Lowdon, CEO, Invisotech; Jonathan Elmer, Green Party
Simon Hogg, DONG Professor in Renewable Energy & Executive Director of Durham Energy Institute


18.00-18.10 Welcome by David Hopper

18.10-18.15 Presentation by Andy Aplin on ‘Shale Gas and Oil: Reality, Hope or Hype?’

18.15-18.20 Presentation by Paul Younger on ‘Underground coal gasification with carbon capture and storage: leave it to the Chinese?’

18.25-18.30 Presentation by Alan Cummings on ‘Is King Coal Dead’?

18.35-18.40 Presentation by Alan Lowdon ‘Offshore or onshore? The Answer is Blowing in the Wind!’

18.45-18.50 Presentation by Jonathan Elmer on ‘Keep it in the Ground’

18.50-19.50 Public debate

19.50-20.00 Final remarks by Simon Hogg


For more information visit https://www.dur.ac.uk/dei/events/?eventno=28921

May 09, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8pm
The Miners' Hall, Redhills, Durham