134th Durham Miners' Gala 14th July 2018



8:30 am: Bands and banners begin the parade in Durham City

8:30 am - 12:30pm: Benny Graham will provide musical entertainment and welcome the bands and banners onto the Gala field

12.30pm - 2.30pm: Speeches on the Racecourse.

Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn, Frances O'Grady, Dennis Skinner, Emily Thornberry, Ian Lavery, Jennie Formby, Matt Wrack, Ibrahim Dogus, Howard Beckett.

Following the speeches there will be music from Billy Bragg

3pm - 4pm: Cathedral Service

Reader: Laura Pidcock MP. The banners being blessed are: Kibblesworth, The Women’s Banner, Morrison, Durham Aged Miners’ Homes Association and the Northern TUC

July 14, 2018 at 8am - 5pm
Durham City
David Wray Yvonne Newey David Beel Shwan Hamad George Hamilton Foad Salam Helen Adamson Marcie Winstanley Jayne Baxter Alice Searle Helen Crickard Stella Cawood Dan Middleton Louise wade John Talbut Kath Bowran William Maclennan Alexander Ritchie Chris Kuriata John Maclennan Jade Playle Katy Francis Gemma Innes Jeanette Harold Daniel Croose Robert Atkins Laura Spark June Davison Dave Hynes Kieran Glasssmith lee morgan Stewart MacLaren Tom Kinneavy Maxine Penkethman Sean McAdam paul cummings Jason Humphreys Sam Gorst Amber Frost Johnny Gaunt Paul Langton kelly Johnson Elisabeth Kean Bryan Beckingham Andrew Hinnigan Liam Knox Nicola Clark Martyn Wright

Will you come?