Official film of the 2023 Durham Miners Gala to premiere

The official film of the 2023 Durham Miners Gala will premiere online on Monday 20 November at 7pm.


The 15-minute official film (see trailer above) will premiere live on the Gala’s Facebook and YouTube channels on the anniversary of the founding of the Durham Miners Association (DMA) in 1869.

The DMA dedicated this Gala to workers in struggle and used the day to call on all workers not yet in a union to rise up and join the struggle for a fairer and more equal society.

More than 60 Durham banners paraded accompanied by more than 50 brass bands and there were over 100 labour movement banners from across the country and beyond. Film crew commissioned by the DMA and the Friends of Durham Miners Gala were there to capture the sights and sounds throughout Gala day.

The film features the bands, the banners, the people, the speeches, and the Cathedral service and reminds us why Gala day is the greatest day of the year.

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