Dave Hopper, General Secretary of the Durham Miners' Association speaks at Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader rally, Newcastle, August 2015


''We stand on the shoulders of giants'' Watch Owen Jones' brilliant speech at the Durham Miners' Gala 2015:


''We need trade unions like never before'' Watch Jeremy Corbyn's speech the Gala 2015:


''The Durham Manifesto'' Watch Dennis Skinner's speech at the Big Meeting 2014:


The 2013 Durham Miners' Gala featuring the first appearance of a banner from Quarrington Hill for 140 years, and interviews with Frances O'Grady, General Secretary of the TUC; Bob Crow of the RMT; Kevin Maguire, Associate editor of the Daily Mirror; Owen Jones, journalist and author of 'Chavs', and Huw Beynon, academic and labour historian.


Reflections on the 2013 Durham Miners' Gala and beyond by Dave Hopper General Secretary of the Durham Miners' Association:


Dave Hopper, Third World Solidarity Speech, June 2013


The Big Meeting - Centenary Year (1983) National Union of Mineworkers, Durham Area:


An Island Built on Coal (1986) Made under the A.C.T.T Workshop Declaration, and with financial support from Channel Four and the British Film Institute: