Working class students society to march at the Durham Miners’ Gala


Durham University’s new Working Class Students Association (WCSA) will march for the first time at this year’s Big Meeting.

The group will attend the Durham Miners’ Gala with their new banner made following their first annual working-class history month. The months of activities and events focused on the history and ongoing work of the Durham Miners’ Association (DMA).

The WCSA was founded in the aftermath of the planned Miners’ Strike– themed pub crawl organised by a rugby club at the university. The event was condemned by the university and cancelled, and the rugby club was suspended.

DMA Secretary Alan Mardghum said: “We’ve been working with the university to help ensure Durham is a welcoming city for all students regardless of their class background, and that the heritage, culture and values of our communities are treated with respect. These young working-class people have taken a lead and self organised to educate their fellow students and provide each other with solidarity. We thank them for creating such a positive response and look forward to welcoming them to the 135thDurham Miners’ Gala.”

Outgoing WCSA President Neve Ovenden said: “It is a huge honour for us march at The Big Meeting, and show our solidarity with the Durham miners. We hope students and non-students alike will join us on the day for this great celebration of unity and working class pride.”

The Durham Miners’ Gala will be held on Saturday 13 July 2019. The WCSA will meet between the bottom of Flass Street and the Bridge Hotel at 8.30am.

WCSA members are pictured painting their new banner ahead of this year’s Durham Miners’ Gala